Solo and so sad

I was watching television last night when I actually looked up and paid attention to a commercial because of the name of the product. You’d think that a company that makes single serve frozen meals would do everything they could do distract the consumer from the fact that they’re likely going to be alone while eating this meal and the stigma of being sad and lonely that is attached to this product. They attempt this in the commercials by showing the frozen pizza being eaten at lunch with a jealous coworker. However, the product name “Solo Gourmet” makes it fall flat on its face by conjuring up images of a candlelit dinner for one. Saaaaaaaaad. Back to the drawing board with this one.


6 Responses to “Solo and so sad”

  1. Rachel Says:

    LOL…it is not hard at all to imagine a person crying over their fourth box of solo gourmet that week…wishing there was just ONE more person in the house so that they felt justified splurging on fresh vegetables or something…

  2. Jenny Says:

    Aaahahahhahahahaha, that’s hilarious.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Damn Rach, it’s like YOU CAN SEE INTO MY LIFE!!!!?!?!


  4. Rohan Jayasekera Says:

    There’s a solution. It’s found in Fight Club. I can’t explain more precisely without spoiling the book/film for anyone who hasn’t seen it.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    You guys are misled… truly pathetic single people can’t afford anything more than the generic, supermarket brand of Solo Gourmet, with an equally pathetic and generic name, like… “Solo Cuisine” or even, I don’t know, “Dine Alone”…

  6. christopher scinta Says:

    As Edna Crabapple says, ” Usually dinner is the same for me every night. You know…soup for one, salad for one, wine for three.”

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