Holiday greetings from Rogers

I have to give props to Rogers for what I found in my mailbox when I got home tonight. This nice little envelope with an actual lick-on stamp made me think “oooooh, a Christmas card, exciting!” and I didn’t even wait to get into my apartment to open it, I tore it open while walking up the stairs. Talk about disappointment when I found a crappy promotion from Rogers inside.

Usually envelopes from Rogers that I know aren’t my monthly bill go straight into the garbage without a thought to opening them, so when I found this little gem it brought a smile to my face, thinking that they managed to actually get passed the envelope opening stage. Unfortunately, that’s where they lost me. Though the contents did slightly resemble a card, it also looked WAY too much like a flier and went straight into the garbage.

It should have looked like a Christmas card, with a pretty picture on the front, a nice holiday greeting inside, with the message that they were trying to get across printed on the back, or on an insert that looked like a hand-made coupon that kids do for their parents at Christmas time. It shouldn’t have looked like the corporate propoganda that you would expect from a company that is as widely hated as Rogers.

Try again next year guys.


One Response to “Holiday greetings from Rogers”

  1. Rohan Jayasekera Says:

    Yes, I wish companies would stop lying to their customers. And disguising an advertisement as a Christmas card is lying in my book.

    No wonder so many people think “marketing” is a dirty word. It doesn’t have to be that way. It’s not necessary to go to the extent of Pinko Marketing; I think just being honest is a big part (perhaps the majority) of the solution.

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