Christmas time is here again…

I’m writing this after waking up from a nap at my parents house, which happened while I was still wearing an apron after helping my mom stuff the turkey for tomorrow. Something about being in this house brings on hours of laziness followed by short burts of furious activity. That was actually my second nap today. How I love being back home!

This is the first year where I’m working full time and not living at home during Christmas. It’s odd, only having a few short days to spend with my family, but I think it makes it that much more enjoyable, just enough time to get nostalgic but not to the point of being remembering why I moved out in the first place. I hear one of my sisters coming home, which means I have about 30 minutes to take this damn apron off and get ready to go to my uncle’s house and celebrate with my extended family.

Merry Christmas everyone!


One Response to “Christmas time is here again…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Merry Christmas, Jenny. I hope the holidays/coming New Year have/are been/being good/bon to you/yours.


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