Waiting for the grownups to show up

I watched the first season of Grey’s Anatomy again over the weekend and one of the funniest lines that never made it into the show was when the interns are reflecting on how they have no clue what they’re doing, realizing that they’re all now doctors and Meredith says “I keep waiting for the grownups to show up”. This is exactly how I feel. It’s like I’m an adult, but not at the same time.

Going home for the holidays took me out of my regularly scheduled life and back to the sounds and smells of my childhood, which seems farther and farther away every time I go back. It’s an interesting experience that has altered me a bit and allowed me to gain more perspective on my life. I could go on, but stupid Ze Frank beat me to the punch and says it really well with his large, unblinking face. Enjoy.


One Response to “Waiting for the grownups to show up”

  1. Jenny Says:

    It’s Ze Frank! I get fresh new shows just like this delivered to my inbox every morning. Mmmmmmm…large, unblinking face.

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