Five things you don’t know about me

Alright, so this is the second time I’ve been tagged with this thing, so I figured I should just finally do it.

Here they are…my five:

1. I have weird food habits, both cooking and eating. My roommates in university used to go insane watching me compulsively chop food into tiny pieces before it could be cooked. I can’t stand when people stir things I have on the stove because they never do it right. I eat all the chocolate off chocolate bars before the insides. I don’t even want to tell you what I do with chocolate chip ice cream. I’m a kick ass cook though.

2. I studied piano for 12 years. I also play the flute, piccolo and trumpet. Beat that!

3. I used to sing myself to sleep when I was younger. I shared a room with my sister and it drove her crazy.

4. The grinch’s face in the live-action version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas creeps me out. Seriously. When I look at it I do a full-body shudder and get itchy all over.

5. I’m a terrible driver. It’s mostly because I almost never drive, but every time I arrive home safely in the driveway I think that it’s a miracle that I didn’t get into an accident.

Phew, that’s finally over. I tag Donata, Nadia, Bobby, Slava (I know Rachel already tagged him, but he hasn’t done it yet) and my dad so maybe this will make him actually start that blog he keeps talking about.


3 Responses to “Five things you don’t know about me”

  1. Estrogen Overdosed Says:

    The only reason I had to make a blog, was because you set yours up at first so nobody but bloggers could post comments.

    If I actually use it, you and your sisters may regret it.

  2. Jenny Says:

    I’m gonna call your bluff, old man.

  3. Bobby Says:

    Okay… here goes…

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