My parents make me laugh

This is a photo from the holiday celebrations at my house that very nicely shows the continual battle between my mother, who never throws anything away and my father, who dumps everything he hasn’t used in the last month. My mom thought it would be really funny if we wrapped on of my dad’s presents using only the small leftover squares of wrapping paper that he complains my mother never throws out. On the right is my mother…folding discarded tissue paper.

The battle continues…


7 Responses to “My parents make me laugh”

  1. Bobby Says:

    I don’t know… your mom looks pretty satisfied there. A little proud of herself, maybe?

    And the look on your dad’s face is priceless too… “Oh, snap! I got served!”

  2. Estrogen Overdosed Says:

    If you had to climb into the loft every year, and pull down 6 tubs of Christmas decorations, watch 3 of them get opened and used, then put the same 6 back up again, you MIGHT think we have too much stuff??

    At least the damn gift wrapping tub isn’t going back up…:-)

  3. christopher scinta Says:

    If you haven’t used it in six months, it should either get thrown out, donated, or put on ebay.

    I’m very proud to say that everything I own can fit into seven 18-gallon storage tubs.

  4. Estrogen Overdosed Says:

    OK lets try this again…if I double post again, I am never posting from work again.

    If you really want to understand living with a pack rat, here goes.

    After FINALLY getting the last few rolls used up, my lovely wife comes home from a visit with her mother…dragging along about 30 half rolls of Christmas wrapping that her mother didn’t want.

  5. christopher scinta Says:

    You should buy an outdoor fireplace for the patio and use the wrapping paper as kindling.

  6. Jenny Says:

    Oh, look at the two of you, aren’t you cute.

  7. Estrogen Overdosed Says:

    Now I know why you like Chris…he thinks the same as me!!

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