Sleep is for the weak

I take back what I said before about that previous week being really stressful. Though it did involve some serious life changing events, this week takes the cake. I usually spend a few hours lying awake in bed, thinking of all the things I have to do, occasionally turning the light on and adding an item to the list that sits next to my bed. At some point I fall asleep, only to wake up at 6am and not be able to stay in bed. I fell asleep in the chair at the doctor’s office last night. Entertaining – yes, embarrassing – even more so. I’m running on pure adrenalin right now, let’s hope it lasts until I get on that plane on Thursday. Phew.


4 Responses to “Sleep is for the weak”

  1. Rohan Jayasekera Says:

    But when you’re in Thailand you’ll be able to engage in lots of schadenfreude. Oh wait, Thailand is largely Buddhist so you’ll have to engage in mudita instead. Tough luck.

    More seriously: as stressful a time as this is, my impression is that you’re on top of things and expect to get everything critical done in time. Congratulations are in order.

  2. Slava Says:

    You forgot the part about finding some gray hair on your sleepy head.

  3. Jenny Says:

    Thanks Rohan. As stressed as I am, everything will get done in the time that it needs to.

    Oh yeah and the GREY HAIR! WTF! Those were NOT there last week.

  4. Estrogen Overdosed Says:


    Look at all you have given your parents!!

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