Touchdown in Bangkok

After being awake for 30 hours I’m finally in Bangkok, sitting in the hostel and of course….drinking beer. What else would I be doing? I had a slightly funny experience getting from the airport to here where I realized I had vague directions to the hostel, but no actual address. After several phone calls on my cell, which probably cost about $8,000 the taxi driver managed to find it.

The plane ride here was on two of the biggest planes I’ve ever been on, one of which had an UPSTAIRS, and a camera on the front that you could see the actual runway when we were taking off an touching down. The room in the hostel is adorable and has 6 matresses that are on the ground, very Asian. Thankfully there are western-style toilets. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand there’s a cockroach crawling across the computer screen so I think I should get another beer with these Brithish blokes that I’ve met (yes, I said blokes) and get to bed.


4 Responses to “Touchdown in Bangkok”

  1. Bobby Says:

    See, most people don’t realize how curious cockroaches are, let alone that they learned years ago to read and have sinced developed a penchant for fem-blog-lit.

    Of course, asian roaches are ever a step or two ahead of our indiginous variety… c’est la vie.

    Oh, and none of the above is true. But this is: glad to hear you’re well, and keep these stories coming. Excited/envious for you. Xo.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    no more california? Oh no! Go back to the beach. hunky men and girls with fake mammories await! AAAHHH

  3. johnson Says:

    British blokes?? Are they as hot as California blokes? Do they have totally awesome sandy hair and lug surfboards everywhere? OMG so lucky

  4. Estrogen Overdosed Says:


    Maybe you should lay off the beer…sounds like you have had one too many…:-)

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