I Win

I won multiple times today, starting with when I woke up this morning and realized that I had completely slept through the “nap” I was supposed to have the night before and had had a complete night’s sleep. I win against insomnia!

I headed out to check out Khao San road all by myself today and had the damnest time trying to get there. I took the skytrain and then thought I could walk from Siam station. I walked for about 20 mintes before asking someone where I was, and when I realised that I was NOWHERE near Khaosan road, I just turned back and decided to take the bus from Siam Square. I almost considered taking a taxi or a tuk-tuk, but that wouldn’t be playing by the rules, it would be an unfair win. Taking the bus isn’t the easiest thing in Bangkok, especially considering that it doesn’t actually stop to let you on, it just kind of slows down. I’m not kidding. Did I also mention that the bus has wooden floorboards? On the way home, I let two go by because I couldn’t properly execute the plan of attack, which involved running out into traffic while the bus was coming up and trying to anticipate where it stopped and jumping on. Seriously, it’s complicated, but I took it both ways. Another win!

While at Khao San road, I managed to pick myself up a pair of sunglasses and a bathing suit, which I successfully negotiated for, after a first failed attempt at another pair of sunglasses. I hate bargaining, but I managed to play along and get a good price ($2 US for the sunglasses, $5 for the bathing suit). Yaaaaaay, for me!

I congratulated myself with a nice meal of pad thai (such a shame how they make this in Toronto) and a beer on a patio along Khao San. What a wonderful day.

I’m so glad that I decided against taking the 19-hour bus ride to Phuket tonight, which cost 850 baht and instead opted for the 1.5 hour flight, which cost 1,500 baht and so much less hassle. I should have pom poms here to cheer myself on.


4 Responses to “I Win”

  1. Johnson Says:

    Phuket? can you put on rollerblades and skate in your bikini like in Santa Monica? I think not! you sure cant do that in Toronto these days.

    You win!

    You win!

  2. Jenny Says:

    Just put in your order now. I’ll do all the gift and souvenir shopping when I go back to Bangkok at the end of my trip. Tell mumma what you want.

  3. Slava Says:

    Shit doll, what kind of meds are you on there?!?

    Either way it sounds like you’re having a blast. You win. 🙂

  4. Bobby Says:

    Can anyone order souvenirs? Or do I need to promise you a handfuls of drinks when you’re back in town for Cdn Music Week?

    Cos I love me some postcards. And brunettes… blushy face.

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