Sunset trip

Yesterday was absolutely amazing. We took a sunset cruise around the two Phi Phi islands, snorkled, kayaked, swam and ate dinner on the boat. The islands are possibly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. We didn’t see the monkies on monkey beach because they didn’t feel like coming out to play yesterday, but the snorkeling was awesome. We saw Maya Bay, where they filmed The Beach and you would just die at how beautiful it is. Unfortunately there are so many boats that dock there every day, you can already see the effects that they are having on the water, but it still comes close to the clearest water I’ve ever been in and the sand was like powder.

Our trip came through the back of the island, which involved our guide taking of his shirt, saying “follow me!” and diving into the water. We swam a rough 100m to a hole in the rock face, climbed up some jagged coral, hiked across the island (all soaking wet, barefoot in a bathing suit) and watched as the beach magically appeared in front of us. Amazing. After playing on the beach for a while, myself and another guy decided to swim back to the boat, which was now in the bay and looked waaaaaay closer than it actually was. It probably took about 25 minutes to swim back to it. We then ate fried rice on the boat and watched an incredible sunset.

I took a little nap after we got back, but when I got up my stomach still wasn’t feeling 100% to start drinking hard, so I had a couple beers, watched some amateur Muay Thai (which basically involved backpackers signing themselves and their friends up to go at it in a ring inside a bar) and then made an early night again around midnight.

God, I love Thailand.


5 Responses to “Sunset trip”

  1. Rohan Jayasekera Says:

    Our lives are so different.

    It’s snowing here.

    And for me two beers is drinking hard.

  2. Christopher Scinta Says:

    Whoever Johnson/Anonymous is, please stop abusing this blog. I’m getting the heat for these comments, and it’s not appreciated. If you’re the same loser that’s been posting anonymously to my blog as well, then kindly cut it out.

    Our blogs are not a dumping ground for your horseshit, and all it does is piss us off and waste our readers’ time. If you have something valuable to contribute then feel free to post, but have the balls to use your name. Better yet, create your own blog so that we can have the opportunity to abuse it in the same manner.


  3. anonymous johnsonymous Says:

    F U dude… free country.

  4. Rohan Jayasekera Says:

    Mr. Cowardly Johnson, I second Christopher Scinta’s comments. “It’s a free country” is the lamest attempt at an excuse there is for polluting someone else’s place. If you really believe what you’re saying, I invite you to spit in a cop’s face and say “it’s a free country”.

    If you don’t stop voluntarily, it is a simple matter for Jenny to turn on comment moderation. It would be an annoyance, however, for her and for her other readers.

  5. Estrogen Overdosed Says:

    WOW!!…way to go guys…I was asking Jenn who the goof was, and she said she had an idea, but didn’t know why he would be posting.

    Nobody needs the crap posted by idiots when they are sharing their adventures.

    Glad you guys spoke up.

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