Koh Phangan and Koh Tao

On our last day on Koh Phangan we got some bikes again and rode around the island. We had the goal to see a waterfall and do elephant trekking that we found on a map, but it didn’t quite work out that way. The waterfall was almost completely dried up and was now being artifically fed by a small hose that pumped water back up to the top and really it was more of a “slightly moist rock face” as Vern put it. We did somehow manage to climb the most treacherous hill through the jungle to get up to a lookout point. It’s amazing that we all actually made it wearing flip flops or barefeet and being really hungover from the night before.

After climbing back down the mountain and nearly slipping in the massive amount of sweat that was coming off us, we set out to find some elephants. Unfortunately the elephants looked really dodgy and completely mistreated. The baby elephant kept rocking back and forth on one of it’s feet and the other one had a couple toes that looked like they were gangrene and about to fall off. We fed them some mushy bananas and decided against riding them, it was just a bit too inhumane.

We rode back to the resort, hung out on the beach, Jody, Paul and Joel rode jet skis while I sat and watched the sun set. Beautiful.

The funniest part is how we all set out to dinner thinking that it was going to be a pretty chill night, maybe a couple of Singhas while watching a movie while lying around in a bar (one of the coolest things about Koh Phangan by the way, they put on movies all day in bars and throw cushions around the lie on). We went to a great italian place Joel had in his lonely planet, which was a nice change from all the Thai food. After dinner the sambuca shots started, and they just seemed to never end.

Highlights that I remember from the night were: dancing on Paul’s shoulders on the beach, losing my shoes, laughing so hard with Jody we fell down in the grass and couldn’t get up, playing frisbee, dancing so hard that I plowed into people knocking them over and a couple lawn chairs too, being mezmerized by the ocean, crawling around in the sand on all fours and on our stomachs, wrestling Jody, growling at people while Jody yelled “don’t pet my tiger!”, hunting for pizza at 6am, eating the best pizza of my life at 6:30am, being so covered in sand we looked like shake ‘n bake including on our faces and in our hair, making sand angels, watching the sun come up, realizing we locked our key in our room and having to sleep with 6 people in one double bed, one single bed and one hammock.

I think that’s a pretty good synopsis. It was an awesome night.

Somewhere during that night we managed to convince Jody and Bree to come to Koh Tao with us so the fun could continue. Koh Tao’s a bit more chilled out than Koh Phangan, the bars are all on the beach and they put out mats and cushions for you to sit on and dig holes in the sand for kerosene lamps made of beer bottles. It’s great. Last night we did manage to find just about the only place on the island that sells buckets (seriously it’s a bucket that they mix coke, red bull and an entire bottle of Sangsom into and throw in a couple straws), so we got into it again.

Feeling a little worn down today, so I’ll probably just chill on the beach, maybe do some snorkeling and try to find some jet skis. Heading back to Bangkok tomorrow to meet up with Bahareh, who’ll get there Sunday.


2 Responses to “Koh Phangan and Koh Tao”

  1. Slava Says:

    Ok, I meant to mention this before, but… When the hell did you learn how to write so well?!? This is amazingly lucid stuff 🙂

    See you soon!

  2. Jenny Says:

    Hahahahahaha, lucid is probably the last word I would have used to describe myself while writing this. I was totally hungover and could barely think straight. But thanks!

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