Back in Bangkok

We left the resort in Koh Tao on Friday with the tickets that Joel had booked for us that included a ferry ride to Chumporn, taxi to the train station in Chumporn and some super sweet first class sleeper tickets on the night train to Bangkok. The taxi to the pier and the ferry went off beautifully, I curled up in a seat, listened to my ipod and slept. We had about 3 hours to kill before the train in Chumporn, so the company we bought the tickets from was nice enough to dump everyone at the aptly named “Farang Bar” where we ate dinner. When we arrived at the train station after taking the shuttle from the bar we were a little bit worried looking at the tickets that we had, which were really vouchers for tickets and tried to figure out what we were supposed to do. Not only were the tickets just vouchers for tickets that needed to be exchanged, the super sweet first class sleeper tickets we had were for THE NEXT DAY. Damn. The travel company had screwed up. Joel had the presence of mind to call the number on the business card that we had gotten at the Farang Bar and a girl that worked there rushed over to the station to try to sort things out for us.

After a long bought of eye-rolling and shouting in Thai over the phone she explained to us that we had two options to get to Bangkok by the next morning. The first was to take a taxi, which would cost about 6,000 baht. The other option was the bus. We abandoned the super-sweet first-class sleeper tickets, seeing as how they wouldn’t get us to Bangkok in time for the guys to catch their flight and instead hopped on the bus, which the travel company paid for because of the error.

After being jostled around and having my legs fall asleep repeatedly, we got to Khao San road around 4am. Which then led to some profuse sweating, not only from carrying around our backpacks, but from the fact that there were no rooms available. Anywhere. So we did the sensible thing to do, which was sit down and have a beer. Two of the guys went out looking for rooms one last time and miraculously stumbled upon a woman at Khao San Palace flipping over the “no room” sign. So we checked in and got about 4 hours of sleep to wake up again and sightsee.

We hit up the temple of the Emerald Buddha, the Grand Palace and the temple of the reclining Buddha, all of which are much to cool to describe here, the pictures are amazing. Hopefully I’ll get them posted sometime in the near future. We did a bit of shopping, eating (I’m back on street food again, I just can’t resist!) and drinking before gearing up for the night.

We randomly ran into an Australian couple that we met on the boat to Koh Pangan and had a few drinks with them, and two Swedish girls that Paul picked up. There were a couple “Chang Towers” (3 litres of Chang beer, again need pictures to describe) and we grabbed tuk tuks to get to Patpong. Craziest tuk tuk driver in the city. We had two tuk tuks and they were racing each other, popping wheelies while we screamed, hung of the side and clung on for dear life. I seriously thought we might die.

Patpong is the red light district in Bangkok that has a crazy night market, and again, the things that I saw are a little to risque for this blog.

Sadly, the guys left this morning. It’s the end of an era. We spent a pretty long time together and hopefully will keep in touch, because they’re amazing guys and tons of fun. They’ll be missed.

The fun part now is that BAHAREH’S HERE!!! We were texting back and forth all this morning trying to figure things out, when we both realized we were on Khao San Road, when she got fed up and called me. We ran out onto the street screaming and jumping on each other. I can’t believe we’re both here, it’s so incredible.

Randomness has also taken over my life. B and I were sitting in a restaurant and I was talking about these two sketchy guys that I met in Phi Phi and how weird they were and THEY WERE SITTING RIGHT BEHIND ME! I still can’t believe that happened. I said hi and hoped that they music was loud enough that they couldn’t hear me. Oops.

I think we’re headed out to Patpong again tonight, not for the shadyness, but because the night market is so good. I’ve got to do some serious shopping, now that the end of my trip is near. *Tear*


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