Thailand reflections

Bahareh left me around 4pm on the last day I was in Bangkok to catch her train and head down south. This left me with a few hours to finish up the last few gifts that I needed to buy and time to reflect on the whole trip. I went a little overboard with the retail therapy, because at that point I was pretty sad that the trip was ending. I sat down at a table on the street, had a couple final Singhas and fried cashews while people watching and thinking about the past 3 weeks. Some thoughts:

People come to Thailand to mend a broken heart. I can’t count the number of people who used the phrase “I just got out of a [3,5,11…] year relationship”. I had a few very long converstations about relationships, what went wrong, what went right, what people really want out of a relationship/life, etc.

Thailand is really easy to travel once you figure out two key things. First, unlike Europe, you take cabs. Public transit in Thailand (other than the skytrain) is very hard. In Italy you’d rarely ever grab a cab because it’ll cost you your firstborn. Tuk tuks are dirt cheap and crazy fun. Second, use travel agents. Again, in Europe you’d use travel agents only to take some cheesy day trip that you could do yourself for a fraction of the price. In Thailand, you use travel agents to book every boat, train and bus you take. As soon as you learn how to walk up and say “I want to go to …” and hand over a wad of bills, your life will instantly be made easier.

We live in luxury. When you fantasize about toilets that you don’t have to flush with a bucket and scooper and sinks with handsoap, you start to appreciate the amenities of home in a whole different way.

The best advice I got before leaving was to bring toilet paper and hand sanitizer and carry it everywhere (thanks Daisy).

You can’t ask Thai people yes or no questions. They will smile widely, nod their heads and say “yes, yes” to everything you ask. Everything.

Traveling alone is easier in Thailand, or harder depending on your personality. There are less hostels where you can book a single bed, so you’re forced to meet people and offer to share rooms to save money. I met way more people this way.

After the sun went down and I finished my beers and cashews, I dropped my stuff off at the hotel, went for one last Thai massage and said goodbye to Thailand as I crawled into bed and drifted off to sleep. What an amazing trip.


One Response to “Thailand reflections”

  1. Slava Says:

    Jenny, did I mention that I can’t wait to see you again!? I just got back from partying with Rachel, Kaitlin, Alan, Esther, Jonas and his girl Ana… it was good time all around! Now I have to wake up early and go to work tomorrow morning 🙂


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