Canadian Music Week

After moving across the continent to take a job in California, one of the very first assignments that I’ve gotten is to come to Canadian Music Week. In Toronto. Right back where I started from. Stepping out of the airport on Wednesday morning reminded my how much I didn’t miss the climate here, as I froze my ass off in the coat I bought at the H&M in Pasadena, which was clearly meant for temperatures above 0 degrees, and not the -15 it happened to be that morning.

Today was the first real day of the conference and Rachel and I had a day of solid panel hopping. I felt a bit like a kid on the first day of school when you’re completely overwhelmed by the amount of information that you have to learn in a seemingly short period of time. For the past two years I’ve been cramming everything travel related into my brain and it’s been the major paradigm that every new source of information fit into. Now, working for a music company, my whole way of thinking is changing and I have to build a completely new basis of information that new pieces can then be laid on top of. It’s difficult at first when you’re just learning the buzz words and it takes a bit longer than most people to absorb what’s being said because you have to mentally calculate things like DRM = Digital Rights Management. Listening to these panels is an incredible help to me. It’s awesome being able to hear right from the experts about important issues in the music industry that I need to know about.

Rachel also spoke on a panel today about music recommendation engines. I must say, she was incredible. Totally poised and well spoken, she was the smartest person on the panel. She made it look so easy, I can’t wait until I get a chance to get up there and do the same thing.


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  1. Bobby Says:

    Quick! Elevator pitch!

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