The Indie Yuppie

While other people have insisted that I fall into the category, I’ve always resisted the “yuppie” label because it conjures up the image of a guy named Todd with slicked hair, who works in one of the shiny buildings in the finanial district, drives a BMW 3 series and ties a sweater around his shoulders (thanks to Rohan for explaining what a 3 series is). Yuppie, ick.

Meet the indie yuppie. First introduced to me by Matt Dickinson, who is a perfect example, if you know him (though not for long, he’ll be throwing on a suit soon for the new job), the indie yuppie is the new breed of the young urban professional. Not as easy to spot because if they take off the designer sunglasses and iPod for a minute, they sometimes can resemble any other artist, student or vagrant, with their vintage t-shirt, messenger bag and converse sneakers. Though I vaguely identified with this group while I was in Toronto, it’s quite blatant that after moving to Los Angeles I’ve become the female version of the indie yuppie. Working for a music startup company really didn’t help matters either. Suits are almost unheard of, my music collection consists of almost all indie bands, I don’t leave the house without my iPod and I’ve been buying actual t-shirts and wearing them out in daylight. Some of the worst habits I’ve picked up since moving are the Starbucks addiction, weekly manicures and excessive clothes shopping. Sometimes I feel like I should put my foot down and say “This is enough. Indie or not, this yuppie business has to stop”. But, really…I’m just having too much fun.


4 Responses to “The Indie Yuppie”

  1. Slava Says:

    Umm… yeah. It’s called being a Hipster. And it’s nothing to be proud of. Stop making up new terms.

  2. Jenny Says:

    The indie yuppie is more yuppie-ish than the hipster. Also known as the yipster

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  4. God? Is that you over the Apple Store? at Debanter Says:

    […] his Macbook Pro along, presumably to greet it’s new little brother. There was also the indie yuppie wearing a “Steve Jobs for President […]

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