First of all, it was hot. Damn hot. 103 degrees hot (that’s about 39 celsuis for the Canadian readers out there). So, naturally there were a lot of scantily clad people…like this guy:

Despite the heat, I had an awesome time. We started off by catching a bit of the Fratellis, then I went off to see Regina Spektor on the main stage, who was so awesome. She carried the whole show just with her voice and a piano.

After that, I went back to meet with the rest of the guys to see Peter, Bjorn & John and managed to see the last few songs of Hot Chip, who are one of my new favourites. By the time Peter, Bjorn and John came on, I was ready to pass out. They were performing in a tent, which you would think would be a bit cooler because it was out of the sun, but it was the exact opposite. There were about a million people jammed into this tent and not a breeze at all. Coupled with the fact that I was approximately at armpit level of everyone, made it a not-so-pleasant experience. After the first song I had to go outside where I sat on the grass, and smeared mustard all over my face while attempting to eat a soft pretzel. NO ONE whistled to Young Folks! What’s up with that?

Next was Arcade Fire, who rocked the house with the best performance of the whole day.

When Arcade Fire was finished performing I was lucky enough to escape with my life because that’s when the Chili Peppers fans started moshing their way up to the stage, despite the fact that people who were there watching Arcade Fire hadn’t left yet. I love nearly dying.

A few of us split off to go see LCD Soundsystem and laugh at the kids doing lots of drugs and deciding that the middle of the crowd dancing to massive techno beats was clearly the appropriate place to lie down. We took some not-so-sneaky pictures of them.

The last show we caught was The Good, The Bad and the Queen. By that point I was pretty tired, the air was cooling off to the point where it was getting a little chilly and everyone was coming down with sinus and lung conditions from all the dust we’d been inhaling from frolicking in the desert all day. I finally managed to get ahold of the guys I’d come with and we started back on the 3 1/2 hour drive back to LA. What a great day!


One Response to “Coachella”

  1. Bobby Says:

    Nice, very nice. It sounds to me like you had a super cool time. Are there even more photos to see? Any fresh, new bands you recommend?

    Coachella sounds pretty decent to me.

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