My love of airports

Flew into Vancouver this morning for New Music West and checked my newsreader to find a very appropriate post by Rick and shortly after, the follow-up by Rachel. The amount of travelling I’ve been doing has recently gone up a fair bit and I’ve learned that nothing irritates me more than taking my shoes off at the security check. Taking the laptop out, alright fine. Removing jackets and sweaters, if I must. Emptying out pockets, done and done. But it never fails, something inside me just gets supremely offended and irritated at the shoe removal part. It’s just disgusting. Ugh.

Rachel had a much worse time than I did going through security this morning. She managed to incite a pat-down that usually requires someone buying dinner first. At one point I thought the security guard was checking to make sure that she hadn’t swallowed 18 balloons of cocaine, because I’m not sure what else she could have been looking for by rubbing her stomach so thoroughly. I have to thank Rachel though, because it served as a great distraction while all of my liquid and gel toiletries made it through in my carry-on baggage in non-regulation sized bottles, jammed in various places in my suitcase. How’s that for security?


2 Responses to “My love of airports”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Luckily, there were only 17 balloons, so I was clear. WHEW.

  2. Bobby Says:

    Man, if only I had known that Rachel was so tolerant of such a thing, our lunch would have gone way differently…

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