I live nowhere

A really weird thing happens when I travel across the border these days. No country wants to claim me as their own. When I fill out customs forms for the US, I’m not technically a “resident” because my TN visa classifies me as a visitor, so they want to see my permanent address as being in Canada.

When I fill out Canadian customs forms, they want to see my address on the card as being in the United States because I’m not technically a resident of Canada anymore either.

Hmmmph. The great part is that I’m not subject to any limits on the amount of alcohol and tobacco I bring across the border because both countries assume that I’m going to be bringing it back to my “home”. This could get interesting…


One Response to “I live nowhere”

  1. Slava Says:

    I’ll take two bottles of Ketel One and a Crown Royale when you’re coming here.

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