How does Carrie do it?

carrie.jpgI’ve obviously been watching a lot of Sex and the City recently because I’ve been thinking about exactly how Carrie could write the type of column she did without divulging massive amounts of way-too-personal information about the people in her life. Having recently become single, followed by moving to a completely new city and meeting tons of new people, there is a fair amount of drama and really interesting things that would be incredibly enjoyable to write about. And by “incredibly enjoyable” I do mean it would be a guilty pleasure like buying a pile of trashy magazines, eating the whole box of chocolates alone or whatever sick twisted behavior people engage in while completely alone.

While all my misadventures will make for a very interesting autobiography, to write about it here on this blog would most likely result in me getting bitchslapped. Actually, let’s be honest, this isn’t All My Children, no one actually bitchslaps people anymore, there would probably just be some strongly worded and long winded emails. Which I would then forward to my close friends to mock over msn and skype. That’s how we do it these days.

So the bottom line is that I won’t be talking about the LA drama or the romantic aspects of my life, which you may notice, don’t fall into the same category. But that’s all I’m saying. If you really want to know, skype me.

….If at this point you’re questioning whether I’ve forwarded any of your emails to one of my friends, the answer is likely yes.


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