It’s not a good morning

I woke up this morning to this travesty:

A FEW HOURS. Seriously. Me being able to wait a few hours to check that one unread message in my inbox that is MOCKING ME would imply that I’m the type of person that can stare at the blinking red message light on the phone and not turn it off even if I know what the message is. Let’s be clear here, I’m not that type of person. GIVE ME BACK MY FACEBOOK.

I feel a little better having let that out.


3 Responses to “It’s not a good morning”

  1. What - What - What at Debanter Says:

    […] It bears repeating, even if only to point to the screenshot of death on Jenny’s blog. […]

  2. Slava Says:


    // I cried until it came back 😦

  3. Rohan Jayasekera Says:

    Three responses from different viewpoints:

    1. The Facebook people need to realize that they provide an essential service. If they were unionized, governments would pass laws preventing them from going on strike.

    2. How much would you be willing to pay for them to provide a high-availability service, with e.g. multiple live systems so that if one has to be taken down the others keep running? This requires replicated databases etc. – not cheap.

    3. I am worried that you may be addicted; there are definite signs of dependency. It’s too bad you’re down in Cali because I can’t organize an intervention from here. Maybe I’ll have to move down there (yesterday a recruiter from Google emailed me to interest me in a very appealing job at the Googleplex).

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