Lala land


Here comes another “Wow, things are so different in this part of the US than where I’m from!” entry. Just being honest and letting you know ahead of time in case you want to bail now. The following are some new developments since moving to sunny California.

I shop a lot. Clothes are just so much cheaper down here. Forever 21 is my new best friend. If I could have sleepovers and pillow fights and braid each others’ hair, I would. We’d also invite H&M.

I wear bright colors. Toronto Jenny dressed a lot in basic pieces and neutral colors but upon moving to SoCal and discovering that there is a whole RAINBOW of colors that you can dress yourself in, my wardrobe is adapting accordingly. I just bought myself a pink sundress. And I’m not just talking pink, it’s fuschia. Like, “throw on your sunglasses because Jenny just put on the pink dress” pink.

I eat out at restaurants almost every night. This is one of the most ridiculous things about living here. You’d think that since it’s such a warm climate and people are naturally walking around in their bikinis all day, that it would just be easy to stay all thin and healthy because it’s normal to just eat 3 carrot sticks a day. Of course not. We go out to eat and way too much and it’s making me gain weight. I might even be 100lbs by now. This has to stop.

I buy trashy magazines. Unabashedly. I just grab those bad boys and toss them down on top of the groceries I’m paying for and don’t feel an ounce of guilt about it. I then read them out loud while making comments to whoever happens to be standing near me. We then discuss them as if they’re close and personal friends. There’s so much less guilt about it in LA, they’re our neighbors for christ’s sake. It’s fantastic.



3 Responses to “Lala land”

  1. Bobby Says:

    “I might even be 100lbs by now”? Jeebus, Jenny. Next thing you know, all that nourishment might make you grow or something – you might even be 5 feet by now. Xo.

  2. Rohan Jayasekera Says:

    Are H&M prices lower there than in Toronto, or is it just stores that don’t exist here?

  3. Jenny Says:

    H&M is waaaay cheaper in the US. Much like most stores, because the price tags you see on clothes don’t reflect the current exchange rate.

    And Bobby, you leave me alone. I’m small boned.

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