It’s the little things…

There are always fun perks that come with working in a startup, I mean, besides the obvious upside of having a job that absolutely rocks. When I was at PlanetEye, the fridge was always stocked with pop, there were snacks in the cupboard and on Fridays we sat around and brainstormed while drinking beer, which also shared a home with the soda…before it got demolished anyway.At MusicIP, the company buys lunch on Fridays, which usually ends up being pizza because yours truly just happens to have the number for Hungry Howie’s on speed dial and it’s hard to please 15 different palates at once. However, this Friday Octavio brought in a pile of meat and other goodies and whipped up a fantastical barbeque feast on the grill on our balcony. Oh yum.



One Response to “It’s the little things…”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Why, oh why do I keep missing these BBQs!

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