Stuck in the stupid airport

On the way to New York city today, of course I’m getting all excited, took the shuttle straight from work and arrived at the airport a little bit early only to find out that my flight was going to be FOUR HOURS LATE. Seriously. Listen, Jet blue, I’m really not impressed with this. Apparently the plane that was to go from Burbank to New York was late leaving New York because of extreme weather conditions.

I waited patiently in line to check in while I overheard a very loud New Yorker on her cell phone asking “Is there LIGHTING in New York?” and then loudly announcing to everyone in line that there is NO STORM ANYWHERE NEAR JFK RIGHT NOW. It was quite enjoyable. I sat down, found a wireless connection and made a new friend (as I tend to do in situations like this).

Turns out that my own New Yorker also confirmed the fact that it had been sunny and clear all day long. Now I’m starting to wonder exactly what Jet Blue is trying to pull here…

Still another hour until takeoff.


One Response to “Stuck in the stupid airport”

  1. harry b Says:

    maybe the delay was due to the alleged terror plot to blow up the airport

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