I hate wordpress

When considering changing the title of my last blog, I decided to instead make a big leap and not only change the title, but buy a domain and even start blogging on a different service. I’m not sure why I even switched to WordPress, but I vaguely remember some promises about how fantastic it is, easy to switch and Rachel’s blog looked great on wordpress. Which is approximately when I made the WORST MISTAKE EVER.

First, it took me a week to figure out how to get my blogroll to show up. Why? Because it’s called Blogroll on your dashboard, and to put it in your sidebar, it’s called Links. How has this been a problem for so long? In the year or so that Rachel’s had her blog she told me she never figured out how to get the blogroll up.

You may notice that Rachel had widgets on the side of her blog until a little while ago and now they’re all gone. Apparently WordPress has declared war on javascript. They don’t allow any tags with scripts, and if you try to put them in , they immediately get deleted. Which means no f-ing widgets. No last.fm, no fineTune, no statcounter.

The Statcounter thing really pisses me off because the stats that wordpress offers really blow. In addition to that, I noticed that they’ve also removed the feed stats in the last couple of days. Why? Because they obviously missed that day in school where you learn not to blow onto the scene with a bunch of features that work poorly/improperly and then take them away. Users get pissed. Like me. I’m pissed.


8 Responses to “I hate wordpress”

  1. Bobby Says:

    Aww, Jenny. In my opinion, it’s still far better than Blogger was. I switched to Blogger a short while after starting my own site, and published via FTP to a custom domain, cos I figured I might as well make use of the server I had. But Blogger didn’t much care for it, and as a punishment I couldn’t do anything at all to customize the look or feel of my blog.

    It took a lot of hardcore HTML and CSS editing to make the few, barely noticable changes I did make, and I couldn’t get anything out of the few templates they offered. And not for any reason but that they didn’t have all my files on their own server somewhere.

    Yes, WordPress has been a touch frustrating, and yes, I too began considering it some time ago cos I thought Rachel’s Debanter was a badass page. But just in the way that Facebook has been whoring themselves all over the place, you can rest assured that features and more will return to WordPress very soon, lest their users leave them for, I don’t know, fucking LiveJournal or something.

  2. Jenny Says:

    LiveJournal you say….

  3. Rohan Jayasekera Says:

    Jenn, thanks for saying something negative about WordPress. Now I don’t have to feel so guilty that I haven’t yet got around to switching to it (I’m still on Blogger).

  4. Jenny Says:

    Stick with blogger. I wish I did and now I can’t get the url I want šŸ˜¦

  5. Jelolonylon Says:

    thanks much, man

  6. Pengy Says:


  7. Maynard Black Says:

    Everyone talks about how wonderful it is and many blogging jobs require you to know wordpress before they will even consider you.

    So I started up a blog on wordpress to see what all of the “fuss” was all about… Thankfully I kept my blogger blogs intact, because I’ve never encountered something so ridiculously difficult to use or modify.

    Maybe I’ve just been on blogger too long, I don’t know, but I feel like editing the html (before blogger added the gadgets and new interface) was easier than getting wordpress to do what you want…

    Long story short… I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates wordpress. So, thanks…

  8. Mike Flugennock Says:

    Wow, thank the FSM I’m not the only one. I was starting to feel like I was weird or something for beginning to loathe WordPress.

    WordPress is about to drive me into the arms of Blogger/Google, and that’s not good news, because I’m none too crazy about Google as they’ve apparently dropped the word “no” from their motto.

    I have a cartoon/webcomic site that’s currently a “traditional” static-page html site that I’m trying to convert to a blog, and thought WordPress might work best for me as I heard it’d make it easier to run it locally, off of my own domain. Jeezus H, wotta big, fat mistake. I’m about to swallow hard, toss the last eight weeks’ work and go with Blogger.

    I’ve had a rash of “Not Acceptable” errors that pop up at random moments when posting; I’m currently involved in a troubleshooting email exchange with my hosting provider, and apparently whoever’s been trying to hack/pwn/spam WordPress sites is using certain words to trigger the installation of malware/botting/spamware on them, except I don’t know what the “magic words” are until I try to post an article that contains one of them, and presto! I’m stopped dead in my tracks with a “Not Acceptable/404” page. It’s been either that, or the spammers/botherders hitting the site so hard that it falls over, leaving me unable to publish a post or save a draft.

    This is on top of the theme customization headaches and the learning curve that’s nothing if not like trying to scale a cliff. WordPress seems to assume expert knowledge of xhtml and css, which I’m a total green newbie at — meaning I’m in a world of hurt if all I want to do is customize a theme to match the design style of my current Web site.

    I finally found a theme that came closest to what I wanted (among the thousands of graphics-bloated, overdesigned themes I saw), and finally managed to poke around in the css code and php pages enough to customize it — or, should I say, beat it into submission — and now I’m dealing with this mysterious error that’s keeping me from publishing my posts at random intervals.

    I get the distinct impression that WordPress is for php and css geeks who just happen to have blogs, and Blogger is for people who just want to get some frickin’ blogging done. Using WordPress has been brief moments of actually getting my blog populated interspersed with endless stretches of headache. It’s been pure, unadulterated pain. I’ve taken to calling it “WordStress”.

    I’ve already started setting up a Blogger/Blogspot blog; the first blog I ever set up was on Blogger, a blog for a small alternative media collective I’m in, and setup and customization were relatively painless. I didn’t have to be a frickin’ css guru to deal with it. I’ll likely ditch WordPress if this spammer/botherder attacking continues — or not, anyway — and go with Blogger, just so my headache will go away and so I’ll have a chance to heal the bruise on my forehead that I’ve gotten from banging it on the desk while trying to get things done with WordPress.

    Phew. Rant over. I’m better now.

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