The best relationship ever

You would think that I should be talking about an incredibly long and passionate partnership, but really the best relationship I’ve ever had was short and sweet. It started earlier this year and lasted a month. We had known each other in a professional capacity when I casually mentioned that my boyfriend had procured himself an “ex” prefix to his title, and new boy immediately asked me out. In the month that followed, we went to dinner, museums, out for coffee, had long, deep conversations, cuddled while watching movies on the couch, laid awake in bed until absurd hours because we couldn’t stop talking, and other things that people do when enjoying that first, blissful month of a relationship 😉

Being the complete anthesis of the guy that I had dated for the previous 5 years, he was exactly what I needed to keep my mind off the breakup. The company that he had founded was nearing the end of the money that he had raised to finance it, and it had gotten to the point where he’d even had his phone cut off because of the unpaid bills, so at the same time, both of us were going through a rebound of sorts.

The best part of it all, was the fact that both of us realized that it wasn’t serious, but this didn’t stop it from being incredibly caring and sweet. This is the first time I’ve ever experienced this. We both threw ourselves fully into it, not worrying how or when it was going to end, but that it eventually would. After the first few, amazing weeks, I got the job offer in California. He was incredibly supportive, took me to Chapters and grabbed a stack of travel books to help me decide where I was going to spend the month before I started the new job.

After travelling and keeping in contact with him when I had gotten to California, we both knew that being on different sides of the continent wouldn’t bode well for continuing to be together, so we decided to stay friends. It couldn’t have ended better. Sometimes things just align properly so that these kind of things work out perfectly.

And we’re still friends.


2 Responses to “The best relationship ever”

  1. Someone Says:

    some times short term relationships are short n’ sweet……

    and long terms become loooooong n’ sour…. coz of many expectations and all…..

    in short term we just started to get know about each other thatz why we’ve got less expectations and it runs smoothly……… 🙂

  2. Jenny Says:

    I like that. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just look favorably on the people we’ve dated, instead of being bitter and resentful?

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