My blog is badass

I saw this on Bobby’s blog and had to check it out myself.

Online Dating

Of course I get an R rating. Would you expect anything different?


2 Responses to “My blog is badass”

  1. Slava Says:

    That’s rubish. My blog got Rated G because apprently it only contains a single mention of the word ‘hell’. Well… Google begs to differ

  2. Bobby Says:

    Come now, Slava. We both know that the reason Jenny’s blog is red-listed is due to the fact that it’s so progressive. References to Sex And The City, adventures and ideals in alignment with modern femme-lib… which, of course, there is no truer evil in America today.

    No, Jenny got shafted cos she’s a strong independent woman. The joke’s on her, though: the rating site is just a tool used by certain organizations to identify the sites in need of conformity. Way to go, Jblog…

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