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The puppy

July 1, 2007

I’m seriously starting to think about buying a puppy. Let’s be honest, I nearly bought one this week. There’s a sweet little pomeranian pup in a pet store near my work that I went back to see for the third time during lunch on Wednesday. At some point, I managed to convince myself that spending $1000 on a dog when I don’t even have a car yet would be a bad idea (yes, the car saga continues, and frankly I’m tired of advice, the only thing I want to hear from anyone on the subject is “Hey Jenny, here are the keys to the car I just bought you” if you can’t say that, keep it to yourself).

Apparently there is some sort of visceral need to have something that drools and paws you all over, and at this point a pair of chewed shoes seems like a much smaller annoyance to deal with than arguments or unreturned phone calls, which came with the other kind of drooling and pawing that I experienced on a regular basis.

The big question is, is that a cop-out? I immediately thought for sure it was. It kind of reminded me of the14 year-old girls that go on Maury and talk about how much they want a baby because they just want someone to love them. Like the people who are constantly on their cell phone because they can’t go 5 minutes listening to their own thoughts. You get a dog when you just can’t deal with being alone.

However, someone made the point that why else, other than companionship do people get dogs? Hmmmmm, I’m still on the fence on this issue, but one thing that’s making me think twice is that immediately after leaving work yesterday, I went straight to the bar, continued drinking until 2am and then spent the majority of Saturday starfishing on my bed.

Maybe I should wait a bit on the puppy.