He’s just not that into you

June 12, 2007

Over the weekend I went to see a movie and when I got to the theatre and bought my ticket about a half-hour before the movie started, I decided to kill some time by perusing the shelves of the bookstore right next door. When walking down the psychology aisle, in between the self-help books with pictures of bald men on the cover telling us all how to Manifest Your Destiny and Achieve Happiness and Success(!) a brightly colored book with a familiar title caught my eye.


Most of us have seen the Sex and the City episode where Berger tells Miranda that a guy she went out with is “just not that into you”. Big epiphany. It spawned an entire book.

Although a bit late for the boat on this one, I have to say this might actually be the best book I’ve ever read in my life. Every woman, regardless of her relationship status needs to read this. The basic premise: guys are wussies who are afraid of making you cry, so stop making excuses for their bad behavior because it’s their way of saying they’re JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU. Really, it’s biblical when you realize how freeing it is.

Having switched back and forth between reading a relationship article in Marie Claire and my new book that I now cuddle up to at night, I realized how much crap we’ve been spoon-fed about trying to work out significant problems in relationships, when we really should be recognizing these situations for what they are and saying FUCK THIS SHIT. Pardon my french. It had to be said.

He’s horrible about calling you when he says he’s going to? He’s just not that into you. He says he’s “just not the marrying kind” when it’s clearly important to you? He’s just not that into you. He only wants to see you when he’s drunk? He’s just not that into you. Getting it yet? It’s so obvious, but yet I can recall countless times sitting around with my girlfriends trying to decipher the strange behaviour of guys and how to make sense of it, when it really can be summed up with those 6 little words. How much easier our lives could have been.

Besides being a wonderful boost to your independence, it’s damn funny. It’s mostly set out in “Dear Greg” letters, here’s a little tasty treat for you:

Dear Greg,
I had a boyfriend 10 years ago. I bumped into him on the street recently after not having seen him for many years, and we started “dating” again, even though it is unclear if that’s exactly what’s going on. He won’t kiss me or make a pass at me. But, Greg, we’re going salsa dancing, we’re going bar hopping, we’re staying out late, talking and dancing and laughing and flirting. He keeps telling me how great I look, how great it is to see me. One night he even told me he loves me and hopes I’ll always be in his life. My friends all say he’s just afraid to get hurt again and I should stick this one out. He’s a great guy. Doesn’t he seem really into me, but he’s scared? Salsa dancing, Greg, till four in the morning. Salsa dancing. Please advise.

Hey Salsa,
I’m a dude, if I like you, I kiss you. And then I think about what you look like in and out of your underwear. I’m a guy. That’s how it works. No ifs, no ands, and clearly no buts. Is he scared? Yes, he’s scared of hurting your feelings. That’s why he hasn’t clarified the relationship. When this dude tells you he loves you and that he hopes you never lose touch again, he may as well be signing your yearbook. He loves you as a friend. I say, move on! Go meet someone more worthy of your affections and hot salsa moves.



Is this funny?

June 9, 2007

I saw this movie trailer this afternoon and I really just can’t figure out if it’s a comedy or not. It had myself and most of the people in the movie theatre half-chuckling and saying “that’s supposed to be funny, right?” I mean, seriously, they’re sheep. They’re really cute and cuddly and making them “bloodthirsty killers” is um yeah, I’m just going to have to go with “weird” and “not scary” on this one.

And on a side note, I tried to embed the trailer, but instead of the embed code on the YouTube page, there’s a note that says “Embedding disabled by request” which has to be about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of. How many of you actually followed that link? You know what, I think people actually like making that extra click and loading a whole new page just to see your movie trailer, because contrary to popular belief, most of us aren’t lazy at all. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to get back to throwing small objects at the television in hopes of hitting one of the channel buttons because I can’t find the remote.

I wanna have your babies

June 6, 2007

I saw this cute video over the weekend and I nearly died laughing. Don’t pretend you’re never been there, I think we all do this for at least 5 minutes each time we meet someone new.

” Trust me it’d scare you
If you knew what was going on in my brain
Trust me it’d scare you
That I picked out the church, or the schools or the names …”

Stuck in the stupid airport

June 1, 2007

On the way to New York city today, of course I’m getting all excited, took the shuttle straight from work and arrived at the airport a little bit early only to find out that my flight was going to be FOUR HOURS LATE. Seriously. Listen, Jet blue, I’m really not impressed with this. Apparently the plane that was to go from Burbank to New York was late leaving New York because of extreme weather conditions.

I waited patiently in line to check in while I overheard a very loud New Yorker on her cell phone asking “Is there LIGHTING in New York?” and then loudly announcing to everyone in line that there is NO STORM ANYWHERE NEAR JFK RIGHT NOW. It was quite enjoyable. I sat down, found a wireless connection and made a new friend (as I tend to do in situations like this).

Turns out that my own New Yorker also confirmed the fact that it had been sunny and clear all day long. Now I’m starting to wonder exactly what Jet Blue is trying to pull here…

Still another hour until takeoff.

It’s the little things…

June 1, 2007

There are always fun perks that come with working in a startup, I mean, besides the obvious upside of having a job that absolutely rocks. When I was at PlanetEye, the fridge was always stocked with pop, there were snacks in the cupboard and on Fridays we sat around and brainstormed while drinking beer, which also shared a home with the soda…before it got demolished anyway.At MusicIP, the company buys lunch on Fridays, which usually ends up being pizza because yours truly just happens to have the number for Hungry Howie’s on speed dial and it’s hard to please 15 different palates at once. However, this Friday Octavio brought in a pile of meat and other goodies and whipped up a fantastical barbeque feast on the grill on our balcony. Oh yum.


I kinda like Vista

May 31, 2007

 I got a new computer at work on Tuesday, as my personal laptop has been dying a slow and painful death recently.  I found myself recently doing a lot of wondering of “What is it DOING?”, while I watched processes hang and heard noises that probably shouldn’t come from a computer and I begun to think that eventually smoke would come out of it, as it rolled over belly-up with it’s tongue hanging out and I could kiss the last two digital years of my life goodbye.  The new computer came in last week and I propped Old Faithful in it’s position in my apartment where it will be used to check email and serve up old episodes of Sex and the City.

The title of this post started out as “I heart Vista” and since has been downgraded to “I kinda like Vista”, I’m sure if you have dealt with it at all, you might have an inkling as to why.   The new, pretty little IBM ThinkPad came with Vista installed  and the first thing I thought was “this is HOT!”  Basically, the look and feel is very Mac-y, I love the Windows sidebar, which I use in a lot of the same ways as Google Desktop (which I die for, but had to uninstall due to a huge drop in processing speed).  It’s pretty sexy, take a look:


My favourite, useless little feature is the ability to scroll through windows like that.  It doesn’t really help me at all, but it looks really hot.

Things went downhill when I stopped getting email.  Because of some weird issue with Outlook 2003 and Office 2007, emails were coming in and not getting to my inbox.  God knows where they went, I’m still looking.  Of course, then it takes hours to solve this problem, involving uninstalling etc.

I know the general response that most people have when they hear the word “Vista” is to shudder and maybe even throw up in their mouth a little, but honestly, it’s really not that bad.  I can’t think of another time where it hasn’t been at LEAST a 3 day effort to set up a new computer and get everything running properly, with a significant amount of time googling error messages.  The standard for operating systems from Microsoft is pretty low in my mind, so the experience wasn’t too out of line with my expectations.  The sexiness factor and at least a little bit of an effort to catch up to the Mac interface makes up for the crap.  In the special olympics of operating systems, this one wins gold.

Lala land

May 28, 2007


Here comes another “Wow, things are so different in this part of the US than where I’m from!” entry. Just being honest and letting you know ahead of time in case you want to bail now. The following are some new developments since moving to sunny California.

I shop a lot. Clothes are just so much cheaper down here. Forever 21 is my new best friend. If I could have sleepovers and pillow fights and braid each others’ hair, I would. We’d also invite H&M.

I wear bright colors. Toronto Jenny dressed a lot in basic pieces and neutral colors but upon moving to SoCal and discovering that there is a whole RAINBOW of colors that you can dress yourself in, my wardrobe is adapting accordingly. I just bought myself a pink sundress. And I’m not just talking pink, it’s fuschia. Like, “throw on your sunglasses because Jenny just put on the pink dress” pink.

I eat out at restaurants almost every night. This is one of the most ridiculous things about living here. You’d think that since it’s such a warm climate and people are naturally walking around in their bikinis all day, that it would just be easy to stay all thin and healthy because it’s normal to just eat 3 carrot sticks a day. Of course not. We go out to eat and way too much and it’s making me gain weight. I might even be 100lbs by now. This has to stop.

I buy trashy magazines. Unabashedly. I just grab those bad boys and toss them down on top of the groceries I’m paying for and don’t feel an ounce of guilt about it. I then read them out loud while making comments to whoever happens to be standing near me. We then discuss them as if they’re close and personal friends. There’s so much less guilt about it in LA, they’re our neighbors for christ’s sake. It’s fantastic.


Pasadena City Hall

May 26, 2007

Pasadena city hall has been under construction since I’ve moved here and they’ve just recently finished and taken down all the construction fences. It was like a nice big present was just unwrapped for me and it’s gorgeous, so I took some pictures today. Unfortunately they still have the inside roped off, so these are only shots of the exterior.





It’s not a good morning

May 25, 2007

I woke up this morning to this travesty:

A FEW HOURS. Seriously. Me being able to wait a few hours to check that one unread message in my inbox that is MOCKING ME would imply that I’m the type of person that can stare at the blinking red message light on the phone and not turn it off even if I know what the message is. Let’s be clear here, I’m not that type of person. GIVE ME BACK MY FACEBOOK.

I feel a little better having let that out.

How does Carrie do it?

May 24, 2007

carrie.jpgI’ve obviously been watching a lot of Sex and the City recently because I’ve been thinking about exactly how Carrie could write the type of column she did without divulging massive amounts of way-too-personal information about the people in her life. Having recently become single, followed by moving to a completely new city and meeting tons of new people, there is a fair amount of drama and really interesting things that would be incredibly enjoyable to write about. And by “incredibly enjoyable” I do mean it would be a guilty pleasure like buying a pile of trashy magazines, eating the whole box of chocolates alone or whatever sick twisted behavior people engage in while completely alone.

While all my misadventures will make for a very interesting autobiography, to write about it here on this blog would most likely result in me getting bitchslapped. Actually, let’s be honest, this isn’t All My Children, no one actually bitchslaps people anymore, there would probably just be some strongly worded and long winded emails. Which I would then forward to my close friends to mock over msn and skype. That’s how we do it these days.

So the bottom line is that I won’t be talking about the LA drama or the romantic aspects of my life, which you may notice, don’t fall into the same category. But that’s all I’m saying. If you really want to know, skype me.

….If at this point you’re questioning whether I’ve forwarded any of your emails to one of my friends, the answer is likely yes.